Where to Keep Your Guns in 2009

 Where to Keep Your Guns in 2009


Safe Gun Storage 

Lets have a brief discussion on the safe storage of guns in the home. Most of the acquaintances in my circle all keep their guns in either the closet or under the bed. If you are single, don’t have children and trust everyone that comes over for a visit, under the bed or in the closet is a great place. However, what if, you are not single  38 super ammo  and have a family, what then?

When I was a kid, guns were part of growing up. Keeping a shotgun or rifle in plain sight in an open gun rack, either in the house or in one of those metal jobbies in the rear of the pickup truck window was more the norm than an abnormality.  Let’s transpose those same memories to 2009… OK… you got me, I told a funny… let’s not go there, unless you want to end up in the clink. If we were ever caught with a shotgun  or heaven forbid a rifle, in a rack in the window of our new pickup (assuming they still make gun racks for the new trucks, or trucks for that matter), we would have 15,000 calls from every cell phone within eye shot call 911 saying there was a lunatic on the freeway.  Or even better, have a BBQ with neighbors and they see an open gun rack on the wall. Your home would be off limits to the entire 5 blocks surrounding your home and you would probably have a visit from the local police.

So, what do we gun owners do with our guns? Gun cabinets and gun safes… that’s what. Gun cabinets have become very nice pieces of furniture and the safes… well, they are safes. So, where does someone go to buy a cabinet or safe and what do you buy. I recently had the opportunity to ask myself that same question. I found there are a multitude of places to look, price shop, and ultimately buy either a gun cabinet or gun safe.

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