Universal Exhaust Muffler – Fitting Any Exhaust System!

Universal Exhaust Muffler – Fitting Any Exhaust System!


An exhaust muffler (simply called muffler or silencer) is an indispensable component of a car’s exhaust system, used for reducing the amount of noise produced by the uitlaat demper  engine. Engine components in turn are unlikely to wear out due to the vibration of the primary loud noise.

Install a new muffler on your vehicle if your current OEM one goes broken. It is quiet easy for you to get a performance aftermarket muffler as a wide selection of universal mufflers are available either on automotive market or online auto parts superstores. The only thing you will do is to choose one that’s of high quality, nice style, and low price.

Aftermarket universal mufflers are generally made from durable stainless steel (mostly T-304 stainless steel), resistant to rust, oxidation and moisture. Mufflers in classic N1, DTM, Fire ball, Hayame RS2, and Hayame XT1 style will not only perform well to minimize exhaust noise, but also create a complete stylish look for the entire exhaust system.

Different mufflers vary mainly from tip amount and tip color. For instance, a DTM style muffler normally has two tips in diamond blue, while an N1 style muffler has only one tip with either stylish carbon fiber look or colorful rainbow look. Size is also another parameter of this kind of light weight designed auto part. Anyway, choose a nice-featured muffler that fits your specific car best. By the way, we recommend you choose muffler online (as well as other kinds of auto parts), which will help you save money and time on one hand, and enjoy a more convenient shopping experience on the other hand.


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