Stock Trading Vs Forex Trading – Which is Better For Short Term Trades?

 Stock Trading Vs Forex Trading – Which is Better For Short Term Trades?


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Forex trading is quickly growing in popularity as the most profitable way to invest in a market  Broker check  which has been riddled by high unemployment rates, bank bailouts & loan defaults.  With these factors causing the stock market to be a more & more unpredictable place, many people have turned to the Forex market as their number one method of earning money and for good reason. Forex is one of the few investments in which investors can make money in a bullish or a bearish market.  This is possible because the Forex market is based on currency rates.

Currency rates are constantly changing and based on many factors. Unlike in the stocks, currency values are most based off of a countries economic success, or lack there of.  Since international trade, economic factors such as unemployment, & political factors are changing everyday, it can be much easier to predict where a currency is going than to predict where a company’s stock may be headed.

Trading in the Forex market can be made more simple by automatic signal services which measure and then predict the trends for a particular currency pair. These trading robots & software programs then provide automatic signals telling traders what to trade and when in order to maximize profit. Stock traders could never utilize such an automatic system because these systems simply don’t exist for stocks as they are based off of a company’s performance rather than international market trends which can be more easily predicted.



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