PS3 Game Review – Street Fighter 4


Many fans stress over the fate of 2D battling games. 2D battling games have developed in fame since the presence of astonishing games like GTA and Metal Gear Solid.


(In any case, Capcom understands what battling gamers need by distributing Street Fighter 4)


Road Fighter is back, with new designs, new combos, new characters, and substantially more that will get the fans left.




The story happens between SF 2 and SF 3. Here is the story detail I took

Street Lighting

from “The year after the unbelievable World Warrior Championship (SF2) it quietly starts. Dubious episodes happen, and behind it a spiritualist association is moving in the shadows. Those pursuing and being pursued in the convoluted center of kinship and selling out. Presently, the drape rises and another battle starts.”


Each character has his/her own opponent. Yet again model, Guile will battle against Bison and Ken gets another opponent named Rufus.


Ongoing interaction


Everything without question revolves around how to overcome your rival. Not much different from past series, you can overcome your rival by utilizing gentle, medium and solid punch/kick button.


In this game Capcom has added new additional combos, center assaults and ultra combos.


*Center assaults


On the off chance that fruitful, you can drop your adversary to the ground by utilizing this strong assault.


*Ultra combos


In the event that your fury meter (situated close to the existence bar) is full, you can release an exceptionally strong combo that can kill your rival in a moment.


New Characters


Alongside old characters like Ken, and Ryu, Capcom has added a few new playable characters:


-Red Viper the spy from USA. She wears shades as her character and her definitive combo is a major lightning ball.


-Rufus: an overweight warrior who has dream to beat ken and become the main contender in USA.


-Capable, a military craftsman from France. He is likewise called with “a man with no past”. His central goal is to kill the remainder of shadaloo individuals, a wrongdoing association established by M. Buffalo.


-El Fuerte: his genuine occupation is a hopeful professional cook. El Fuerte itself implies ” the solid one”.


Secret Characters


-Seth, the new manager in this game. He has changed his body into a major blue robot. It’s exceptionally difficult to battle this chief, since he can duplicate any combos from different characters.




*This game has extraordinary sound, from Chun Li’s storm kick to Ryu’s mythical serpent punch.


*The music is very great and suits impeccably into the game.


Purchase or Rent


As a Street Fighter fans, you should purchase this game.

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