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In 2008 OCAD president Sara Diamond changed the pedagogy She emphasised academics over studio time and required full-time instructors to hold an advanced degree There was some controversy as two faculty members resigned over the changes in 2010 Tom Traves then president of Dalhousie University in Halifax conducted a confidential review of how OCAD was managed He found that the number of senior faculty and administrators was excessive Diamond adopted most of his 30 recommendations including increased Decanal autonomy Name changes, 6.1 Ocean and lake navigation 2000 November 22 2008 October 15 2016; 10 See also Record The Faculty of Communication & Design is composed of nine schools offering a total of 13 undergraduate and seven graduate degrees of major study Schools in the Faculty of Communication & Design, Arrowsmith School Artis Lane - sculptor painter Canada West was the western portion of the United Province of Canada from 10 February 1841 to 1 July 1867. Its boundaries were identical to those of the former Province of Upper Canada Lower Canada would also become Canada East The area was named the Province of Ontario under the British North America Act of 1867 See also. Parliament St School (1872), Mural of the Toronto Maple Leafs at College subway station the Maple Leafs are a professional ice hockey club with the NHL Toronto is represented in five major league sports with teams in the National Hockey League Major League Baseball National Basketball Association Canadian Football League and Major League Soccer it was formerly represented in a sixth and seventh; the USL W-League that announced on November 6 2015 that it would cease operation ahead of 2016 season and the Canadian Women's Hockey League ceased operations in May 2019 the city's major sports venues include the Scotiabank Arena (formerly Air Canada Centre) Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome) Coca-Cola Coliseum (formerly Ricoh Coliseum) and BMO Field Professional sports, 3.4 Sydenham and the Union of the Canadas An Indenture (a revision) of the deal was made on August 1 1805 Both the 1787 Purchase and its 1805 Indenture were registered as Crown Treaty No 13 for this revision the Mississaugas were given the amount of ten shillings equivalent to about $27 in 2010 dollars the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation also claimed the Toronto Islands which was not part of the purchase as the agreement only went to the Lake Ontario shoreline The land sold consists of:. . . The City of Toronto was incorporated in 1834 succeeding York which was administered directly by the then-province of Upper Canada the new city was administered by an elected council which served a one-year term the first mayor chosen by the elected councillors was William Lyon Mackenzie the first law passed was "an Act for the preventing & extinguishing of Fires" the first mayor directly elected to the post was Adam Wilson elected in 1859 Through 1955 the term of office for the mayor and council was one year; it then varied between two and three years until a four-year term was adopted starting in 2006 (See List of Toronto municipal elections.), See also: Climate of Ontario Completed in 1848 St Michael's Cathedral is one of many examples of Gothic Revival architecture in Toronto One of the most common institutions in Toronto are the large number of churches and other houses of worship in the 19th and early 20th century Toronto was home to a wide array of Christian denominations each of which erected a wide array of churches in what is today central Toronto Over time the decrease in population in the core and the move away from mainline denominations has seen many of these churches disappear Many still remain and they are some of the more notable buildings in the city While some very early churches were in the Georgian style Gothic Revival became the dominant Gothic Revival was used for essentially all major Protestant churches in Toronto up until the early 1950s Roman Catholic churches were also most often Gothic though Italianate and Baroque churches were also erected the coming of modernism caused churches of all denominations to move away from the Gothic and embrace modernist architecture with a wide array of designs These are the typical church style found in the suburbs that were created after the Second World War Toronto has had an important Jewish community since the late 19th century Originally several synagogues were erected in the downtown and a handful survive today After the Second World War the Jewish community recentred upon the Bathurst Street corridor During the late 20th century and the early 21st century a wide number of other religious groups have grown to considerable numbers in Toronto and constructed traditional religious structures in the city Several mosques as well as Buddhist and Hindu temples have been built One of the most notable is the Hindu BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto which opened in the northwest of the city in 2007 Cultural architecture.