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Lessons From A Tide Brand Manager - The Brand Positioning Strategy Worksheet - ponteggibergamo

Lessons From A Tide Brand Manager – The Brand Positioning Strategy Worksheet

We have been sharing some gaining from Procter and Gamble in light of my 23 years building brands and organizations with them. The latest articles have zeroed in on brands, marking and item situating. This article gives a diagram of how P&G thinks up their situating methodologies for their brands. You may likewise know this as the Copy Strategy or the Advertising Strategy or the Branding Strategy, notwithstanding the Positioning Strategy. This is significant since as a rule the help of the brand goes past the publicizing.


A Brand Positioning Strategy distinguishes the premise whereupon we เว็บพนันออนไลน์ our image should be bought in inclination to contest. The substance arises straightforwardly from the item or administration and the essential buyer need that it is expected to fill. It ought to state obviously the essential advantage which the brand guarantees and which is the vital reason for procurement. It ought to likewise incorporate an explanation of the item qualities that make this advantage conceivable and the tone or character that is wanted to be worked for the brand.


This will give guidance for the essential message of the brand which ought to stay steady across all correspondence vehicles, albeit the execution of the message might change. It is innately aggressive since it is the reason for inclination versus rivalry.


Fostering the Strategy through utilization of the Creative Work Plan

Begin at the top and work down through the other components.


1 Key Fact

A solitary piece of realized data connecting with the brand which is consented to be the main element impacting or portraying the brand execution. It could be data about the actual brand, the opposition, the client, development and so forth yet it should be a solitary reality.


2 Problem the publicizing should address

This is a purchaser issue. It portrays the mindfulness, discernment or conduct of the planned client which has brought about the Key Fact and which we wish to change.


3 Advertising Objective

As a rule, essentially the partner to the issue, despite the fact that there are a large number of unmistakable choices. Eg “Convince buyers to attempt my image” Or “utilize a greater amount of my image.” Or “utilize my image another way.” Persuade them that my image is a practical choice to mark x”.


4 Strategy


  1. a) Prospect Definition

The two socioeconomics and psychographics.


  1. b) Principal Competition.

In addition to a rundown of contenders yet a portrayal of the section from which we wish to acquire business


  1. c) Promise

The absolute most enticing arrangement one can progress for the brand outlined in view of the client and the opposition.


  1. d) Reason Why

The most grounded piece of help for the guarantee. Infrequently there might be more than one piece of help however never a rundown


  1. e) Tone/Character

The tone that messages ought to pass on to give character to the message and bring it alive. This isn’t executional.


As may be obvious, the configuration is exceptionally basic. Notwithstanding, similar to everything at Procter and Gamble, the utilization of the straightforward device is taken care of by specialists in the field. That makes the apparatus so successful.


In the event that you might want to have the advantages of this basic apparatus support your image or your business and get in touch with us. We would be glad to help you.


Much obliged.




The Maver Management Group are circle back business specialists and assist organizations with getting beneficial and remain productive. As well as dealing with on the prompt problems, we help with making effective strategies and situating to speed up your business progress and meet your income and profit targets. Our examination produces answers for issues and distinguishes open doors. We foster the necessary resources to assist your business with chugging along as expected and to exploit the center skills.


The gathering is driven by John Maver, a Division President and General Manger with Procter and Gamble and Clorox and CEO to a few privately owned businesses. John likewise has a broadness of counseling experience across numerous businesses where he has leveled up the circle back abilities. He has driven shopper brands for Procter and Gamble to showcase initiative, began a drug business without any preparation, fostered the model for stretching out buyer brand value to different enterprises and made pivot plans for clients in numerous ventures. He keeps organizations productive!

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