Interviews With Successful People – Emma Hewitt – Singer-Songwriter And Trance Vocalist

 Interviews With Successful People – Emma Hewitt – Singer-Songwriter And Trance Vocalist


The first song I listened to from Emma was her collaboration with Chris Lake ‘Carry Me Away’, and this was then followed by ‘Not Enough Time’ with Cosmic Gate and ‘Live Forever’ with Lange. And while I have listened to  a lot of trance music, these are two songs that stand out.

But even though I have enjoyed her vocals and song writing abilities for many years now, I have only just taken a closer look into who she is. And after seeing that she was going to be performing in London, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out more about her.

And as I have been looking for an empowered woman to interview, Emma seemed like the ideal candidate.


Few voices are as instantly recognizable as that of Australian born songstress, Emma Hewitt.

Hewitt’s haunting melodies, yearning lyrics and distinctive style have earned her a legion of passionate fans around the world as she continues to write and release music with some of the world’s most respected names in electronic dance music.

The journey began back in the Australian town of Geelong, Victoria where Emma would perform acoustically around the region through her teenage years. “Music was a form of escape for me and not something I ever consciously set out to follow as a career path. I was always inspired to ask questions; of myself as well as others and I guess over time those questions just sort of grew wings and turned into songs”.

Those songs led to an early record deal with Sony Music for her project ‘Missing Hours’. The relationship was brief, but provided Emma with an invaluable insight into the music industry setting the stage for things to come. “I was never very comfortable that first time around – I felt as though I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say and who I wanted to be with a lot of different people watching on through a microscope. The over analyzing didn’t make sense to me as I just wanted to write songs that might mean something to people – and all of a sudden these things I’d never really considered like marketing strategies and budgets became more important to the people around me. I was out walking with my brother one day and I had this epiphany and just said, ‘screw it’ – I want to burn this all down and dream it back to life the way I had imagined it. I wanted to give the songs the respect I felt they deserved”.

And dream it back to life she did. Emma’s very first EDM collaboration with UK heavyweight Chris Lake yielded the worldwide smash ‘Carry Me Away’ knocking Britney Spears out of the #1 position on the U.S Billboard Chart (Hot Dance Airplay) going on to spend over 50 weeks in the Top 100.



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