I Needed a Thank You Gift So I Chose Chocolate

 I Needed a Thank You Gift So I Chose Chocolate


Chocolate is an appropriate gift for nearly all occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, thank you’s and others. But where did the tradition of giving royal au chocolat

chocolates originate from? The giving of this gift began with the Aztecs, the drink was a gift reserved for kings, royal individuals, and honored warriors. The treat was treated with reverence by restricting the consumption to those possessing worthy attributes thus upholding the belief that the cacao beans were a gift from the Gods.

The belief this sweet treat is an aphrodisiac also had early origins with the Aztec’s who believed that cacoa invigorated people and lowered their inhibitions. The Mayans also believed in the divinity of the cacao tree, the original Mayan name translated to “God food”.

Conquistadors were responsible for first transporting the Xocolatl or chocolat to Europe. Conquistadors combined the ground cacao beans with sugar and vanilla to make a delectable drink for many years this was the most common way to consume the treat. Chocolate gifts became popular between courters and sweethearts. When the treat came to the New World it found a home in the hearts and stomachs of Americans, who are known responsible for the consumption of half the world production of the treat.



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