Getting Rid of Mold in the Home: Mold Removal  

 Getting Rid of Mold in the Home: Mold Removal


Mold is one of those words that send shivers down my spine. Mold isn’t a plant or an animal it is a fungi. In the proper environment mold will damage all types of materials. mold removal Hollywood  Prevention is the key aspect in getting mold in your home. Mold is hazardous in the home environment and is not easily removed. If it is too late for prevention you will need to take steps in proper removal. Be diligent not only about removing the mold but ensuring you have taken the proper steps for further mold infestations.

Molds are hazardous because they reproduce quickly. Spores get into the air and are hard to remove. When inhaled many mold spores can cause people to have respiratory issues. Other issues that mold causes are skin rashes and immune issues if exposed to for long periods of time. It is so important to remove and prevent mold in your home.

Preventing mold is fairly easy. It can be included in the regular maintenance of your home. Be on high alert for conditions that would lend themselves to the growth of mold. These situations can be as simple as a leaky faucet or as complicated as high humidity and condensation build up. Look for areas where mold is visible such as showers and tile for instance. Those are areas that attract mold. Keep areas clean with cleaner that is specially formulated to kill mold.

To properly clean mold that has made its way into your home the following tips are advised.

1) Eliminate Moisture: Clean and soak up as much of the water as you can. Hire a professional to come in with high powered fans and dehumidifiers.

2) Fix the Problem: Some issues are easier to spot than others. If you see mold growing in your attic it might take some research to find out how the moisture is getting in. You also need to find out why it is not being expelled correctly. However if the toilet leaks it is pretty obvious.

3) Clean Up: Start by wearing protective gear. Gloves, a face mask, long pants and a long shirt should keep you protected from minor mold cleanup. Make sure to use old clothing because you will want to throw it out after you are finished. Bring in the professionals if the area is too large. You may want to use a respirator.

4) Ventilate: Use a fan to circulate area outside. Make sure to open all windows and doors.



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