5 Great Sign Products For Nail Salons

 5 Great Sign Products For Nail Salons


Nail salon owners sometimes have trouble building awareness of their business as it can be difficult for customers to differentiate one salon from another. Commercials, flyers, etc., are all easy to confuse as they aren’t tied directly to the business. One highly-effective way for nail salons to advertise, however, is by using signage. There a nail salon lonudonville re many different types of signage available for purchase, and the good thing about signs is that they are very visible and customers can easily identify them with your salon. Here are some of the best sign products that you should consider when promoting your nail salon:

Window Lettering-Since most nail studios are located in busy shopping centers, window shoppers need to be able to see your store’s name and business hours so that they know what you do. Lettering is simple and classic, and it clearly identifies your salon on your front door or window. Plus, if your hours change or something needs to be updated, you don’t have to order an entire new piece!


Window Graphics-If you really want to make your storefront stand out, choose from a variety of window graphic products. Displaying attractive, beautiful signage on your store windows makes your salon look more interesting and professional. Adhesive products like vinyl decals are a great way to list your permanent services, like manicures, pedicures, etc., as well as the types of nails that you offer (i.e. French tips, solar, gel, acrylic, etc.). Temporary, non-adhesive products like window clings can be used to promote a holiday special or featured service. Once your special is over, just remove the cling and store it away for later use.


Vinyl Banners-If you want to make a big impact at your salon, a vinyl banner is a great choice. If you’re new to the area, hanging a grand opening or now open banner above your storefront will direct potential customers inside your salon to book an appointment. Even if you’ve been in the same spot for years, however, a vinyl banner is still a great way to feature your current promotion or spotlight a new service that you offer.



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